“Baan Kingkaew Wiboolsanti”

Over 50 years old, a group of kind hearted Thai and expat lady volunteers living in Chiang Mai helped to support orphaned children left for care at what was then Suan Dok Hospital – now called Maharaj Nakorn Chiang Mai Hospital. The volunteers helped to establish and secure funding for Baan (home) Kingkaew Wiboolsanti (pronounced “Viboonsanti”), a safe haven where poor orphans would find affection and care. Since its early days, ‘Baan Kingkaew’ has continued to improve and develop living conditions and the quality of care it is able to provide.

The generosity of Khun Kingkaew Wiboolsanti who gifted a house with land and financial endowment, enabled establishment of the orphanage. It opened its doors in July 1966 to 25 orphaned and homeless boys and girls. In honour of the major donor, it was named Baan Kingkaew Wiboolsanti. Managed by a committee of Chiang Mai Orphanage Foundation it was the first orphanage established in the northern Thai city.


Today the orphanage provides a home for 50 orphans aged from 3 months to 6 years, who have no other viable means of support. At the home, the children benefit from a good quality of life in a loving, caring environment. They are looked after around the clock by qualified and experienced carers, including nannies, kindergarten teachers and a healthcare team from Chiang Mai University’s medical and health care faculties and departments.


We will help develop our children to grow up physically, mentally and socially.


We will help build King Kaew House. Full of love, warmth, smile, harmony, nutrition. And health of everyone.


Hundred Harmony Do good to the society

Fifty years of loving care and attention

Over 50 years old “Baan Kingkaew Wiboolsanti” The development has continued. In the building. And protect members in the house.

Fifty years of loving care and attention

Following a fire which damaged the old original house, we were able to design and construct a beautiful new home with financial helped from many kind hearted donors

To achieve the goals of the orphanage foundation, we constantly seek to improve our standards of high quality child care and make Baan Kingkaew a safe, loving home for children. Our objectives are to

  • improve shelter, love and warmth to every baby and child in our care
  • raise these children well and educate them to become good citizens
  • assist the government of Thailand in relief of social welfare problems
  • seek and propose (to the Thai Govt. Social Welfare Dept) suitable persons wishing to adopt a child
  • solicit funds to support the work of the Orphanage Foundation.

Waiting for a kind heart to offer hope for a better future

Although the children at Baan kingkaew have been give a chance to see the light at the end of a long tunnel, their opportunity for a bright future depends almost entirely on the support and generosity of people who care and society willing to help them develop.

The number of orphans needing care is increasing in our society. Cost rise alarmingly. We are grateful to have financial help from government and non-government organizations, as well as from individual in hearted donors. It is really needed to help us bring the promise of happiness and a better life to these poor orphaned babies and children.

If you care, why not become a friend of Baan Kingkaew ?

Can you help the children? They’ve had and generosity can ensure they face the future as happy, healthy, educated children, ready to become capable members of society. It’s wonderful what a friend can do.


For example, a donation of US$ 100 (approx. Baht 3,000) will currently feed our 50 children for 1 day. US $80 per month (approx. Baht 2,500/mth.) will support the needs of 1 child.


If you would like to make the commitment to sponsor a single orphan for a year ($960 or Baht 30,000), a monthly direct debit payment may be arranged with the back. Please contact Chiang Mai Orphanage Foundation to arrange this. You can email to us at contactbkk@baan-kingkaew-orphanage.org  or www.baankingkaew-orphanage.org

Donate “Baan Kingkaew Wiboolsanti”

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Please send donations together with donor’s name & address to

Bangkok Bank, Chiang Mai Gate Branch.

Account: Chiangmai Orphanage Foundation: “Kingkaew Wiboolsanti”

Acct.# 424-0-38423-2

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